I am Triathlete

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?  Or that you’re not good enough?  Like maybe you’ve chosen the wrong profession or activity?  Maybe you walk into an orientation, see how well prepared everyone else is and think “Oh…haha…I’m sorry, I took a wrong turn, where is the underachievers convention?”  At times, that’s how I feel while training for my first Ironman.  The workouts are long and difficult.  Some of them I barely finish with my muscles intact.  When I discuss my struggles with some triathletes, I receive a reaction akin to Ripley’s when she dreamt of giving birth to alien.  “WHAAA?  OH MY GOD??!  You’re not finishing the workouts in record time?  You don’t set a PR every single workout???”  Um, no Brutus, I don’t, now go work on your tan.  Needless to say, it can be intimidating.

That’s why God provides days like today.  I awoke at 2:30 am for a long brick workout (long bike followed by short run).  I was out the door by 2:45 am and finished around 7:15 am.  I averaged around 20mph (which is fast on a bike people!! “What’s this guy so excited about, he can barely go through a school zone?”).  When I dismounted from the bike after over 4 hours of riding, my legs felt fresh and I killed the 20 minute run.  Best of all, I felt no pain in my knee.  Whether I will feel it tomorrow morning remains to be seen.  But today I belonged.  Today I felt like I could do the Ironman tomorrow.  Days like this are why you train.  Why you get up early, eat healthy, and push yourself.  Today, I am triathlete and it feels amazing.

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One Response to I am Triathlete

  1. Sarah says:

    What time do you go to bed? I saw “awoke at 2:30AM” and thought, “I’d only be asleep for 2 1/2 hours!”

    You were already a triathlete in my mind when I read your workout was from 2:45-7:15AM.

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