My last post came more than two months ago, which may have been the last time I participated in any kind of serious training or realized any kind of motivation towards exercise.  “You should get up Nick.”  “You should fuck off brain.”

Unfortunate in many ways as I have a Tough Mudder in two weeks, I will have to regain all of that lost fitness, and, well, it just makes me feel kind of off.  My diet has been inconsistent of late to say the least (“Nick, do you want some cake?” “Umm…it’s 8 in the morning Bob…of course I fucking want some cake”), which always fills me with a sense of…what’s the word…blaeracholkjga.  But no more, I hope.  A strong 8 mile run in the Houston heat and an hour on the bike today gently stroked my ego out of self pity for a little while (“there there Nick, see, you can run…AND bike…you’re a big boy”).

On the diet side, my wife started a 2-3 week Juice Reboot designed to…well…reboot your system.  I think a lot of people subject themselves to these things in order to “detoxify” their bodies.  I have no fucking idea what that means.  “Man, that guy is toxic…he needs to detoxify his toxicity before his toxins tox over his life.”  What?  I don’t know what toxins I’m supposed to be eliminating.  What I do know is that eating healthy  makes me feel better and I’m hoping will make me live longer and raise my children better.  It certainly made for an energetic run this afternoon though that may be a temporary high “we’re getting back in triathlon shape…good food…let’s go fuck shit up” to be quickly followed by a crash two days later “what the hell were we thinking?  All we’re eating right now is juice and vegetables…we don’t have the energy to train for anything” which is why I may not be able to completely stick to the juice-a-thon.  My body needs protein and carbs, but for the short term, it feels amazing.  I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a carrot-avocado soup/smoothie/juice/enema…truly satisfying.

All joking aside I’m excited to reintroduce greens to my body and retrain healthy habits.  I’m also excited to do it with my wife.  She and I struggle to find things to do together outside of tv and raising our children.  She’s made an effort to get excited about triathlon and I made an effort (one time long long ago) to get excited about vaulting, but neither of us, I think, is super committed to either endeavor.  We (Adryan) recently started square foot gardening and we found we enjoy doing that together (if anyone needs any Arugula or Cabbage, please feel free to stop by “Dad, seriously, cabbage ice cream? That doesn’t even make sense.”  “Zip it! We have 8 pounds of cabbage and 2 days to eat it!  Now everyone pick up their forks and get started…I’ll take the midnight shift”), but I’m hoping this diet allows us to work towards something together.  Obviously, we each have our separate goals, but we’re achieving them together through a common medium.  I’m hoping for a positive outcome and not a War of the Roses scenario “I said I don’t want any more FUCKING broccoli and yes, I gained a pound, and no, I will not put down this oreo.”

What does all this have to with triathlon and training?  Well, life is about balance.  Happiness at home and within (both physically (‘yay broccoli!’) and mentally (‘my wife loves me..yay!’)) make for smoother training.  Zero motivation probably came from slacking off in my diet and getting started on the tv show ‘Alias.’  Yes, THAT Alias…Yes, I know I’m a decade late on that, shut the fuck up!  If I can get through the Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks without killing myself (“I’ve never actually seen anyone die within the first 30 feet”) I’ll give credit to the Juice Reboot of 2012.  If not, fuck broccoli.

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